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AIOU Solved Assignments Spring & Autumn 2023 Pdf Free Download

AIOU solved assignments of all courses are available here. You can download solved assignments in pdf for Matric, FA, BA, BS (Hons), Associate Degree Program(ADP), BSc, B.Ed, MA, MSc, and M.Ed levels. We have made all AIOU solved assignments free so that every student can take benefit. I have provided AIOU solved assignments for both spring and autumn. To download any assignments just click in that.

aiou solved assignments

What is AIOU?

Allama Iqbal Open University, also known as AIOU, is an established institution for open education and online learning in Islamabad, Pakistan. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a well-known philosopher, poet, and politician who was instrumental in the founding of Pakistan, is honoured by the name AIOU, which was given to it in 1974. It is one of the largest remote learning universities in the world and has the distinction of being the first open university in Asia. People who are unable to attend regular colleges can access a wide variety of courses and courses at different levels through AIOU.

What are AIOU Solved Assignments

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) students are required to complete written projects or assignments as part of their curriculum. These assignments test students’ knowledge of the course material as well as their ability to apply what they have learned to use. These consist of specific questions or assignments that are related to the course material and call for study, analysis, and intelligent replies from the students. Assignments must be turned in by the timeframes specified and can be in a variety of formats, including essays, reports, and presentations.

Why AIOU Assignments are Important

AIOU assignments play a crucial role in the learning process. They reinforce learning by requiring students to engage with the course material in a practical manner. By researching, analyzing, and crafting thoughtful responses, students deepen their understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, assignments monitor students’ progress and knowledge retention, providing a measure of their academic growth. They contribute significantly to students’ overall assessment and grading in the course, as the feedback provided by instructors on assignments helps identify strengths and areas for improvement. Overall, AIOU assignments are an essential component of the educational experience, promoting active learning and facilitating students’ intellectual development.

Last date to Submit AIOU Assignments /Schedule

Each course have specific date for assignment submission. Below table has last dates of 2023 AIOU Assignments for all courses.

Last Date for AIOU Assignments

6 Credit Hours courseLast dateThree Credit hour courseLast Date
Exercise 131-05-2023
Exercise 223-06-2023Exercise 123-06-2023
Exercise 317-07-2023
Exercise 418-08-2023Exercise 218-08-2023

How & Where to Submit AIOU Assignments

  1. Complete your assignment according to the given guidelines and instructions provided by your course instructor.
  2. Check the submission method specified for your course:
    a. If online submission is available, log in to the AIOU online learning platform or portal and follow the instructions to upload your assignment before the deadline.
    b. If postal submission is required, package your assignment appropriately and send it to the designated postal address before the deadline. Make sure to include any necessary documents or forms.
  3. Keep track of the assignment submission deadlines provided by the university and make sure to submit your assignment on time to avoid penalties or rejection.
  4. Retain proof of submission, such as a copy of the submitted assignment or a receipt, as evidence in case of any discrepancies or issues.

How to download AIOU solved assignments 2023

To download AIOU solved assignments for the year 2023, we aim to provide students with a convenient and user-friendly experience. Below, you will find a list of AIOU solved assignments categorized by class name headings. Simply locate your class and effortlessly download the corresponding AIOU solved assignments in PDF format. We strive to ensure that accessing and obtaining your assignments is as seamless as possible.

AIOU Solved Assignments for Matric 2023

You can download AIOU matric solved assignments from below list just click on your respective course to download it.

Course CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4
200Selling Of Home Made ProductsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
202Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
203General ScienceDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
204Urdu For Daily UseDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
209General Home EconomicsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
219Home And Farm Operations ManagementsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
241Islamic FiqhDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
251Ethics (For Non-Muslim)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
257Fruit ProductionDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
AIOU Matric Solved Assignments
Course CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2
206Family Health And CareDownloadDownload
207Compulsory English – IDownloadDownload
208Garment Making – IDownloadDownload
210Garment Making – IIDownloadDownload
211Poultry FarmingDownloadDownload
212Maintenance Of HouseHold Electrical ApplianceDownloadDownload
217Food And NutritionDownloadDownload
218First Aid – IDownloadDownload
220First Aid – IIDownloadDownload
221Compulsory English – IIDownloadDownload
222Applied Food & NutritionDownloadDownload
247Mathematics – I (Urdu)DownloadDownload
248Mathematics – II (Urdu)DownloadDownload
252Lab Techniques In PhysicsDownloadDownload
253Introduction To Livestock ManagementDownloadDownload
254Livestock ProductionDownloadDownload
256Vegetable GrowingDownloadDownload
258Lab Techniques In ChemistryDownloadDownload
259Lab Techniques In BiologyDownloadDownload
260Information Technology Basics (Urdu)DownloadDownload

AIOU Intermediate Solved Assignments 2023

AIOU solved assignments for intermediate are below. Please click download to get your required solved assignment.

Course CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4
308General ScienceDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
311Book Keeping And AccountancyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
321Muslim History Of Sub-ContinentDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
343Islamiat (E)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
346Principles Of CommerceDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
376Human RightsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
388Penology DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Course CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2
301Daftri UrduDownloadDownload
305Rural DevelopmentDownloadDownload
313Dairy FarmingDownloadDownload
317Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownload
322Secretarial PracticeDownloadDownload
327Farm MachineryDownloadDownload
328Improved Methods of Oil Seed CropsDownloadDownload
329Jadeed  ZaratDownloadDownload
330Child Care And DevelopmentDownloadDownload
342Improved Methods Of Fruit ProductionDownloadDownload
345Home Management And Home FurnishingDownloadDownload
349Plant ProtectionDownloadDownload
355Consumer TextileDownloadDownload
356Food And NutritionDownloadDownload
357Health And NutritionDownloadDownload
358Apparel DesignDownloadDownload
360Information Technology ApplicationsDownloadDownload
363Urdu – IDownloadDownload
364Urdu – IIDownloadDownload
365Health in Family and CommunityDownloadDownload
366Action for HealthDownloadDownload
386Compulsory English – IDownloadDownload
387Compulsory English – IIDownloadDownload
394Statistics – IDownloadDownload
395Statistics – IIDownloadDownload
1307Math – IDownloadDownload
1308Math – IIDownloadDownload
1309Math – IIIDownloadDownload
1339Basics Of AccountingDownloadDownload
1340Business AccountingDownloadDownload
1345Principles Of CommerceDownloadDownload
1346Commercial AccessoriesDownloadDownload
1347Commercial GeographyDownloadDownload
1349Introduction To Business MathematicsDownloadDownload
1348Introduction to EconomicsDownloadDownload
1350Introduction to Business StatisticsDownloadDownload

AIOU B.A Solved Assignments 2023

All AIOU solved assignments for Bachelor programs (B.A/BCom) are below. Please click download to get your required solved assignment.

Course-CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4
406Economics Of PakistanDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
407Modern Muslim WorldDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
409Commercial GeographyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
411Sociology – IDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
412Social & Cultural AnthropologyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
422Organizing Library ResourcesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
423Library ServicesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
426Pakistani Adab – IIDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
429Mass Education / LiteracyDownloadComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
430Principles Of JournalismDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
436Seerat – E – TayyabaDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
437Islamiat (E)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
458Community DevelopmentDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
464Islamic FiqhDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
465Population And DevelopmentDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
466History Of Libraries With Reference To PakistanDownloadDownloadComing SoonComing Soon
467Classification And CataloguingDownloadDownloadComing SoonComing Soon
472Quran – E – HakimComing SoonDownloadDownloadDownload
CourseCodeBook Name (BA / B.COM AD)Assignments 1Assignments 2
413Sociology – IIDownloadDownload
417Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownload
427Pakistani – Adab – IDownloadDownload
434Iqbal’s Urdu ProseDownloadDownload
438Principles Of AccountingDownloadDownload
439Advertising And Sales Promotion
444Advance Accounting
449Magazine JournalismDownloadDownload
451Public RelationsDownloadDownload
452Mass CommunicationDownloadDownload
453Radio BroadcastingDownloadDownload
454Tv BroadcastingDownloadDownload
455Book EditingDownloadDownload
456Business TaxationDownloadDownload
460Mercantile LawDownloadDownload
462Cost AccountingDownloadDownload
463Fundamentals Of BusinessDownloadDownload
482Food MicrobiologyDownload——
484Food And NutritionDownloadDownload
485Health And NutritionDownloadDownload
487Child DevelopmentDownloadDownload
1413Financial AccountingDownloadDownload
1414Fundamental Of Money And BankingDownloadDownload
1415Introduction to Business FinancialDownloadDownload
1416Business CommunicationDownloadDownload
1421Introduction To EnvironmentDownloadDownload
1422Environmental PollutionDownloadDownload
1423English – IDownloadDownload
1424English – IIDownloadDownload
1425English – III—–—–
1426English LiteratureDownloadDownload
1427Principles Of ManagementDownloadDownload
1428Commercial GeographyDownloadDownload
1429Business MathematicsDownloadDownload
1430Business StatisticsDownload—–
1431Basics Of ICT (English)DownloadDownload
1431Basics Of ICT (Urdu)DownloadDownload

AIOU BED Solved Assignments 2023

All AIOU solved assignments for BED programs are below. Please click download to get your required solved assignment.

CourseCodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2
1659Teaching of Urdu
5401Principle of AccountingDownloadDownload
5402Fundamentals of BusinessDownloadDownload
5403Basics of ICTDownloadDownload
5404Compulsory English – IDownloadDownload
5405Business Mathematics
5406Micro EconomicsDownloadDownload
5410Cost Accounting
5411Compulsory English – II
5413Mercantile Law
5419Advanced Accounting
5438Pakistan Studies (ODL)DownloadDownload
5445Business Taxation
6400General Methods of TeachingDownloadDownload
6401General Math and StatisticsDownloadDownload
6402Educational Psychology &  GuidanceDownloadDownload
6403Classroom ManagementDownloadDownload
6404General ScienceDownloadDownload
6405Education in PakistanDownloadDownload
6406Curriculum DevelopmentDownloadDownload
6407Classroom AssessmentDownloadDownload
6408Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak StudiesDownloadDownload
6409Teaching of MathDownloadDownload
6410Arts Craft & CalligraphyDownload/
6455Teaching of Biology
6456Chemistry – I
6458Chemistry – IIIDownloadDownload
6465English II
6466Comparative EducationDownloadDownload
6469English II (Content Major)
6473Islamic Studies-IDownloadDownload
6474Islamic Studies-II (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6475Islamic Studies-III (Content Major)
6476Islamic Studies-IV (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6477Islamic Studies-V (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6478Urdu-I (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6479Urdu-II (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6480Urdu-III (Content Major)
6481Urdu-IV (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6482Urdu-V (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6486Home Economics-IV (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6487Home Economics-V (Content Major)DownloadDownload
6490Pakistan Studies-III (Content Major)
6491Natural Resources And Economic Development In PakistanDownloadDownload
6492Foreign Policy Of PakistanDownloadDownload
6493Pedagogy-I (Teaching of English)DownloadDownload
6494Pedagogy-Teaching of UrduDownloadDownload
6495Teaching of Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownload
6496Pedagogy-Teaching of Home EconomicsDownloadDownload
6497Pedagogy-II (Teaching of Islamic Studies)DownloadDownload
8601General Methods of TeachingDownloadDownload
8602Educational AssessmentDownloadDownload
8603Curriculum DevelopmentDownloadDownload
8604Research Method in EducationDownloadDownload
8605Educational LeadershipDownloadDownload
8606Citizenship Education and CommunityDownloadDownload
8609Philosophy of EducationDownloadDownload
8610Human DevelopmentDownloadDownload
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective PracticesDownloadDownload
8612Professionalism in TeachingDownloadDownload
8614Educational StatisticsDownloadDownload
8615Management StrategiesDownloadDownload
8616School AdministrationDownloadDownload
8617Plan Implementation and Educational ManagementDownloadDownload
8618School LeadershipDownloadDownload
8619Educational TechnologyDownloadDownload
8620Computers in EducationDownloadDownload
8621Broadcast MediaDownload
8622Non Broadcast Media
8623Elementary EducationDownloadDownload
8624Secondary EducationDownloadDownload
8625Higher EducationDownloadDownload
8626Teacher Education in PakistanDownloadDownload
8628Assessment in Science Education—–—–
8634Foundation of ReadingDownload—–
8663Geography of Pakistan Part-IDownloadDownload
8664Geography of Pakistan Part-IIDownloadDownload
8671Physics VDownloadDownload

AIOU BA – BCOM – And ADP Solved Assignments 2023

AIOU Solved assignments for BA – B.COM – ADP programs are given below please download the assignments according to your course code and assignment number.

Course CodeBook NameAssignment 1Assignment 2
413Sociology – IIDownloadDownload
417Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownload
427Pakistani – Adab – IDownload/
434Iqbal’s Urdu Prose  
438Principles Of AccountingDownloadDownload
444Advance Accounting  
449Magazine JournalismDownloadDownload
451Public Relations  
452Mass CommunicationDownloadDownload
453Radio Broadcasting  
454Tv BroadcastingDownload 
455Book EditingDownloadDownload
456Business Taxation  
460Mercantile Law  
462Cost Accounting  
463Fundamentals Of Business  
482Food Microbiology  
484Food And Nutrition  
485Health And Nutrition  
487Child DevelopmentDownloadDownload
1413Financial Accounting  
1414Fundamental Of Money and Banking  
1415Introduction to Business Financial  
1416Business Communication  
1421Introduction To Environment  
1422Environmental Pollution  
1423English – I  
1424English – II  
1425English – III  
1426English Literature  
1427Principles Of Management  
1428Commercial Geography  
1429Business Mathematics  
1430Business Statistics  
1431Basics Of ICT (English)  
1431Basics Of ICT (Urdu)  

AIOU BS Solved Assignments 2023

Below you can download AIOU Bachelor of Science BS program solved assignments.

9253Principles of Journalism (Part-1)Download
9254Principles of Journalism (Part-2)Download
9408English – IIDownload
5403Basics of ICT (Urdu)Download
5403Basics of ICT (English)Download
9410Introduction to Sociology, Culture and SocietyDownload

AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments 2023

Please find the solved assignments for the AIOU MA Urdu class provided below. You’re requested to download the assignments relevant to your specific course code and assignment number.

Course CodeBook Assignment 1Assignment 2
5601History of Urdu Literature – IDownloadDownload
5602History of Urdu Literature – IIDownloadDownload
5603Urdu Fiction – IDownloadDownload
5604Urdu Fiction – IIDownloadDownload
Course CodeBookAssignment 1Assignment 2
5605Urdu Criticism – IDownloadDownload
5606Urdu Criticism – IIDownloadDownload
5607Urdu Poetry – IDownloadDownload
5608Urdu Poetry – IIDownloadDownload
Course CodeBook Assignment 1Assignment 2
5609Styles in Urdu Prose – IDownloadDownload
5610Styles in Urdu Prose – IIDownloadDownload
5611Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IDownloadDownload
5612Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IIDownloadDownload
5613Specific Study  of Allama Iqbal – IDownloadDownload
5614Specific Study  of Allama Iqbal – IIDownloadDownload

AIOU MA Islamic Studies Solved Assignments 2023

Below, you will find the AIOU solved assignments for MA Urdu class. Please download the assignments based on your course code and assignment number.

Course CodeBookAssignment 1Assignment  2
4611Usool Tafsir and History of TafsirDownloadDownload
4612Study of Quran Hakim (Surah al Nisa and Surah al Maida)DownloadDownload
4621Usool, History of Hadit hand Textual StudyDownloadDownload
4622Textual Study of HadithDownloadDownload
Course CodeBook Assignment 1Assignment 2
4601Islamic History – IDownloadDownload
4602Islamic History – IIDownloadDownload
4631Study of FiqhDownload/
4632Study of Texts of Islamic FiqhDownloadDownload
4639Arabic Language and Literature (Quran & Hadith)DownloadDownload
4640Arabic Language and Literature (Prose & Poetry)DownloadDownload

AIOU MA Pakistan Studies Solved Assignments 2023

AIOU Solved assignments for the MA Pakistan Studies class are given below please download the assignments according to your course code and assignment number.

Course CodeBook Assignments 1Assignments 2
538The genesis of Pakistan MovementDownloadDownload
4655Geography of Pakistan – IDownloadDownload
4656Geography of Pakistan – IIDownloadDownload
4657Pakistani Languages & Literature – IDownloadDownload
4658Pakistani Languages & Literature – IIDownloadDownload

AIOU M.COM Solved Assignments 2023

AIOU Solved assignments for the MBA/M.COM class are given below please download the assignments according to your course code and assignment number.

CodeBook Assignment
8500Total Quality ManagementDownload
8501Financial AccountingDownload
8502Human Resource ManagementDownload
8504Basics of Technical EnglishDownload
8505Business Policy and StrategyDownload
8506Management Theory & PracticeDownload
8507Management Information SystemsDownload
8508Managerial AccountingDownload
8509Production & Operations ManagementDownload
8510Business Policy and StrategyDownload
8511Marketing ManagementDownload
8512Business EthicsDownload
8513Financial ManagementDownload
8514Business and Labor LawsDownload
8515Consumer BehaviorDownload
8516Project ManagementDownload
8517Organizational BehaviorDownload
8535Advanced Research MethodsDownload
8536International Business & FinanceDownload
8537Strategic MarketingDownload
8538Strategic Human Resource ManagementDownload

AIOU BBA Solved Assignments 2023

AIOU Solved assignments for the BBA class are given below please download the assignments according to your course code and assignment number.

CodeBook Download
8401Principles of AccountingDownload
8402Fundamentals of BusinessDownload
8403Fundamental of ComputersDownload
8408Cost AccountingDownload
8409Statistics For ManagementDownload
8410Business CommunicationsDownload
8411Introduction To PsychologyDownload
8418Production and OperationsManagementDownload
8419Management Theory andPracticeDownload
8420Business EthicsDownload
8421Business and Labor LawsDownload
8423Marketing ManagementDownload

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory to submit AIOU solved assignments?

Yes, it is usually compulsory to submit AIOU solved assignments as they are an integral part of the assessment and evaluation process for courses offered by Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). Failure to submit assignments may result in a deduction of marks or even course failure.

What is the weightage of assignments in total marks?

The weightage of assignments in total marks may vary depending on the specific course and its requirements. Generally, assignments contribute a significant portion to the overall marks or grade of a course. The exact weightage is typically mentioned in the course outline or instructions provided by AIOU.

Can I submit the AIOU solved assignments after the due date?

AIOU has strict deadlines for assignment submissions, and it is generally not permissible to submit assignments after the due date. Late submissions may result in penalties, such as a deduction of marks or rejection of the assignment.

How do I complain about AIOU assignment marks not being updated?

If you believe that your AIOU assignment marks have not been updated correctly or there is an issue with the assessment, you can contact your AIOU tutor or course coordinator. They will guide you on the process of filing a complaint or requesting a re-evaluation of your assignment.

What are AIOU assignments?

AIOU assignments are written tasks or projects that students are required to complete as part of their coursework at Allama Iqbal Open University. These assignments assess students’ understanding of the course material and their ability to apply what they have learned.

What are AIOU question assignments?

AIOU question assignments refer to the assignments that include specific questions or tasks related to the course material. Students are expected to answer these questions or complete the assigned tasks as part of their assignment submission.

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How to download AIOU question assignments?

To download AIOU question assignments, you can typically access them through the AIOU online learning management system (LMS) or the official AIOU website. Login to the designated platform, navigate to the relevant course section, and download the question assignments provided.

How to write AIOU assignments?

When writing AIOU assignments, carefully read and understand the assignment instructions provided by your course instructor. Conduct research, analyze the relevant information, and organize your thoughts before writing. Follow the required format, word count, and referencing guidelines. Present your ideas logically and provide well-supported arguments or evidence.

What are AIOU solved assignments?

AIOU solved assignments are the assignments that have been prepared or completed by students, taking into consideration the provided questions or tasks and providing the appropriate answers or solutions. These solved assignments can serve as references or study materials.

How to submit AIOU assignments?

The submission process for AIOU assignments may vary depending on the course and its requirements. Generally, you can submit assignments online through the AIOU online learning platform or portal. Alternatively, in some cases, postal submission may be allowed. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by AIOU regarding the specific method of assignment submission for your course.

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